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The Magical Marrakech

First off, I've Googled it several times just to double check, it can be spelled Marrakech or Marrakesh but I find the first version sassier so that's what we're sticking with. Secondly, I don't know how to sum up the two weeks I spent in Morocco traveling with Nataliya of Drift Home Collection. It was a whirlwind that came straight off a truly weird season for me. I broke both wrists in January, had surgery, spent 4 weeks recovering and then jumped fully back into work. A week of shoots in Austin, getting my braces off my arms and cleared by the doctor to start physical rehab, then hopping on a plane to Minnesota to shoot a huge interior project, home for a night, then off to Austin for a styled shoot before jumping on a plane to meet Nat in London. Like I said- a truly weird season of forced rest followed by a full out sprint into work. Landing in Marrakech seemed like a dream, I couldn't envision it the whole time we were planning because it all felt so far off, yet the moment I stepped outside the airport it felt comfortingly familiar.

This trip started out as a pipe dream of Nataliya and I. She regularly travels to Morocco for her job and casually mentioned that I should join her sometime. After an overly eager "Yes! When?" I think she realized I was serious about exploring this place she loves so dearly. As she and Becca of June and Blue started planning a retreat about Marrakech they invited me to photograph it, followed by a round of branding photos for Nataliya around Morocco. It seemed too good to be true, so naturally I agreed without hesitation. I could go on forever about the beauty of the culture and the richness of the food and the vibrancy of the colors found around every corner. To keep from too many run on sentences I'll create a list of my favorite moments and leave you with as many visuals as my website will let me upload.

Top Moments in Marrakech:

  • Riding a camel named Naima in the Agafay Desert.

  • Naima becoming detached from the group and us running [7 feet] away at sunset to my future as a camel herderess.

  • The amazing group of women who attended the retreat- I've never seen a group interact with so much joy and natural chemistry.

  • Seeing how even a simple alley can be beautiful when flooded with color.

  • How welcoming Moroccan culture is- every person greeted us with tea and opened their arms and homes to us. Came as strangers, left with so many sweet friends.

  • Taking branding images in another country after so many weeks of being physically unable to care for myself. It felt like this moment of beautiful healing and independence.

  • It felt like every detail is a moment for art in that city. Tiles, roofs, doorways, stairs, fruit stands, signage- the smallest details are crafted with such care.

  • The artisans you can find making the things by hand that we mass produce in the states. Woodworkers, blanket weavers, rug repairers, juicers, dyers, leather workers, and so many more.

  • Seeing another part of Africa that is vastly different than Uganda. The culture in Morocco is this beautiful fusion of Arabic, French, African, Mediterranean- there is truly nothing like it.

  • THE FOOD. I could do a whole post on this. I may do a whole post on this. Pastilla, couscous, tagines, tanjia, all the breads, the olives, the spices, the kebabs, the mint tea. Be still my heart.

  • The motorcycles. Terrifying and exhilirating and hey Luke if you're reading this we should get one!

One of the last, most exciting things to come from my time in Morocco, is the OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF MY PRINT SHOP! Currently it's all images from my time in Marrakech + Essaouira, but later I'll be adding in some Irish adventures as well. Head on over to this link to grab images for your home, your friends home, and for everyone you know!


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