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The Modern Savor: A Branding Session

One thing you find out pretty quick when meeting me is that I absolutely love food. I love asking about favorite restaurants, some of my most watched movies are about chefs, and I enjoy spending time cooking new recipes with a glass of wine and Cuban music in the background. I actually tried to drop out of business school to go to culinary school. I remember trips based on what specific meals I ate. I want to shoot a cookbook of foods from around the world. My current one day far off dream is to have a tiny little cafe + bar on the beach [I can't believe I just typed that out for people to see], either that or a farm to table situation in my backyard....still hammering out the details. All this to say, when others hold a similar passion of food, it's like a best friendship connection from the start. So when I met Shelby Tsika through the wedding industry and found out she felt the same way about cooking, we instantly hit it off. She takes her love of food and matches it with her gift of photography in her newest pursuit: The Modern Savor. When she reached out for food photography branding images I jumped at the chance. Turns out, it's a favorite shoot to date- joy filled, colorful, and delicious!


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