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Have you ever felt so seen, so known, and so believed in that your breath catches and you tear up a little?

With the launch of this new website + brand, I didn’t know what to expect. I had wonderfully high hopes, but that didn’t stop the fear from trying to make its way in. “What if people don’t like it? What if they don’t think I’m worth the investment? What if this new direction turns old clients away?”

And then came launch day. I couldn’t sleep the night before because years of work were about to be seen that I simply hadn’t shown before. This dream of mine, to transition into fewer and more intimate weddings and to take on more lifestyle and humanitarian work, was about to be shared. I called the designer, Anastasia of The Identité Collective, way too many times. Then it was time to click the share button.

The response immediately started flowing in. People from all stages of my life began reaching out with the kindest words, not just about the site, but about my work. They said no branding had ever felt more like me on a page. That the website captured my personality and let my work shine. I had friends reaching out for prints, something I’d never even considered. This fear that tried to claw its way in at the last minute dissipated as I stepped into confidence. It wasn’t just the fact that friends, clients, and strangers were raving about the update.

The confidence came from the fact that after years of trying to find my way and figure out what was next, I was taking a step that I knew was good. It’s the step that is filled with my deepest dreams. It’s the step that is healthiest for my family and ministry with my husband. It’s the step that allows for the most growth, the most creativity, and the most intention. It was a step that called me to bravery, and that’s how I knew it was right.

I can’t wait to see where this brand + this business take me. So far, it has flung me across oceans to villages and cities alike. It’s taken me to partnership with some of the coolest clients who I never would have met otherwise. This business has given me some of my dearest friends and wildest dreams. Thank you for believing in this dream with me, for the support of this new direction, and the privilege of telling your stories.


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