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When you’re a solo entrepreneur it becomes easy to fall into routines. For four years I have run this business by myself. Sure, I’ve asked tons of questions from friends, but all the responsibility, marketing, editing, strategy, all of that lands on me. The control freak in me definitely loves that, but the creative, relational side craves a partner some days. I was becoming creatively tired and falling into a pattern of burnout.

Then, in March of 2017, in swooped Anastasia of The Identité Collective. A little over a year ago she posted a need for a photographer in her Instagram story. I responded, hesitant to even reach out because I truly didn’t know if I was qualified. I was about to live in a different city and knew she was looking for an ongoing partnership with a photographer to capture her brand. She responded with excitement and we started our first project together. It was a day long shoot of all things lifestyle that launched the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Next thing I knew, I started doing monthly shoots with her for her brand. These shoots could include anything from flatlays to shots around the city to the interior of her stunning home. They look different every single month. About three months ago I started adding in shoots for her branding clients as well. Interior designers, jewelry designers and branding strategists are reaching out for shoots together because of Anastasia.

Here’s my realization: alone isn’t always better. Yes, when you’re working solo you get full control of every single aspect. I am still a one woman show in the photography arena. However, my own business has grown unprecedented leaps and bounds since partnering with The Identité Collective in her thriving business. I never even saw it coming!

The goal was never to grow my own hustle, but to add value to Anastasia’s. I now get the chance to step into someone else’s dream and capture images that help it grow. I have the opportunity to work with brands I never would have known because of partnering with a friend in the growing of her business. Believing and pouring into someone else’s vision has a way of reigniting your own. I truly feel an integral part of something bigger than just my own company.

Working alongside another creative grows the places you may be lacking. Where one stumbles, the other can thrive. Growth happens when we let others into our stories and The Identité Collective is one story I’m proud to be a part of. It makes me dream of the day when I can finally outsource pieces of my business that I am longing for help in. Finding people who’s vision aligns with yours, who’s work ethic you admire, and who bring something valuable to the table is rare- but when you find those humans, don’t let go!


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