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Intimate Weddings + Elopements

When I began this photography business in 2013 I had no idea where it would take me. Plenty of women + men were boldly blazing trails in the industry and I had my fair share of photography heroes. I've always loved telling stories so capturing weddings seemed like a great fit! I mentored under the most amazing friend, coach, and inspiration I could imagine. Michelle graciously showed me the ropes of being a full time photographer and my business was launched! It started small with local bookings from friends who were steadily getting engaged. Years passed, the business snowballed, and I found myself shooting weddings all over Texas. They kept getting bigger and bigger, just like all things do in Texas. I deeply love my brides who entrust me with their big days. The work never stopped, as quickly as they could inquire I was filling my calendar to the brim. Creative burnout is a real thing; I never reached that point but could feel myself getting close. It was in that moment, in 2017, that I shot Hanna + Scott's wedding.

This day would forever change the way weddings stirred my heart. Hanna + Scott created a wedding day that stood as a gorgeous representation of their relationship. Fifty close friends gathered on the deck of their favorite restaurant as they shared handwritten vows, washed each others feet, and ended the ceremony with a toast. Hanna + Scott listened to toasts from their families and friends then danced their way past the kitchen and through their teary eyed guests. The day was completed with the most delicious brunch shared by all those they love. On that warm day in June at a little restaurant in the middle of Austin, an epic + endless love was celebrated in the most intimate + moving gathering. I would never be the same.

I believe in couples who are more excited for the adventure of marriage than they are just the wedding day itself. I believe in wedding celebrations being a unique representation of each couple + their story. I believe that the smallest moments can matter the most. I believe in keeping wedding days sacred, small, and focused on what counts. From now on I will be shooting weddings that hold these same beliefs. Not out of exclusivity or arrogance, but simply because my heart resonates within that shared vision. I can create my best work, tell the best story, when the guest list is smaller but the day is no less grand. I am grateful to every bride who has ever reached out for me to capture their day and I can't wait to see where this new adventure takes me. Hanna + Scott, thank you for giving me the privilege of seeing your love, creating special moments with you, and for impacting my business the way you have. Enjoy the photo overload as I relive this enchanting day.


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