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WEDDING EDITORIAL: Fresh Fall Elopement

Woah. I can't even tell you what a dream come true this shoot was for me. Early into moving to Austin, I contacted Kali of Kindle and Gather, a wedding designer, to help make a vision come to life. We met over the next couple months at so many coffee shops to work out details, specifically our dream team of vendors we were dying to work with. Countless cappuccinos later, and this shoot came together without a hitch. It was featured over on Grey Likes Weddings a few weeks ago! From the table runner with a favorite poem scripted on it [written below], to the lush organic florals, to the cake that ended up being my dinner later that evening, this shoot was everything I dreamed of and more. Here are some of my favorites from the day, including a list of amazing vendors at the end! 

The First Marriage, by Peter Meinke.  imagine the very first marriage a girl and boy trembling with some inchoate need for ceremony a desire for witness: inventing formality like a wheel or a hoe in a lost language in a clearing too far from here a prophet or a prophetess intoned to the lovers who knelt with their hearts cresting like the unnamed ocean thinking This is true thinking they will never be alone again though planets slip their tracks and fish desert the sea repeating those magic sounds meaning I do on this stone below this tree before these friends yes in body and word my darkdream my sunsong yes I do I do


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