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Carolina + David

I can’t think of anything more joyful than taking engagement photos for two friends who ended up falling in love. I’ve known David since my freshman year of college and have known Carolina for the past three years. She has been one of my most consistent and adventurous friends since moving to Dallas. Luke and I both get the privilege of standing beside them as they commit to one another this January, but even more so, I got to document their playfulness + love during their engagement session. Whew, I get so nervous when capturing friends, especially ones like these who are so dear to me but have zero photos together.

We laughed our way through McKinney Falls State Park and made it to a nearby field just in time for sunset. Their wild love came to life on camera. I can’t say enough kind and true things about this couple so I’ll leave you with this: find people who stick with you through all your seasons. Those who aren’t afraid to walk the awkwardness of freshman year with you, cheer you on as you date your future husband long distance, share in your failures and triumphs, and grab a beer with you on a whim any night of the week. David + Carolina are those people for us and we couldn’t be more excited to see the story of their marriage be written!


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